Simplify HR & Payroll for Remote Workers

Bull Project web3 HR & Payroll Solutions

Harnessing the power of Web3 and Blockchain to unlock the potential of LatAm Talent.

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Hire Anyone, Anywhere & Pay in Crypto

Streamline processes from talent search, contract management, and paying your entire team or collaborators with a platform created to minimize administrative impact.

  1. Onboarding & Offer Management

    Provide a great onboarding experience for your remote team members as they start to work with you.

    Automate the creation of contracts that comply with local standards.

  2. Finance

    Automate payments distribution.

    We take care of salary payments distribution with Stablecoins Cryptocurrencies directly to your collaborators' Web3 Wallet over their preferred Blockchain.

    You can Pay in FIAT or Crypto Stablecoins in a single transaction.

  3. Access LatAm's best talent pool

    Select the ones you like and start to work. We take care of everything from Onboarding to Offboarding.

  4. One Monthly Invoice

    Keep your ongoing admin to a minimum by just paying one monthly invoice for payroll, for all of your remote collaborators.

Main Benefits

Instant Settlements: Transactions can be done in minutes or seconds, while currently, settlements can take up a week. With Blockchain, settlements become user-optimised, which will save a significant amount of time and money, for both parties involved.

Traceability: Every single thing that happens on the Blockchain can be traced to the exact second of when and by which address it was performed.

Security: Blockchain brings a high level of security. This is due to the encryption of the network.

LATAM Impact: This technology and the use of stable digital coins eliminate the risk of Latin currency devaluations.

Financial Freedom: Funds go directly to Web3 wallets, in a fully decentralised way. Giving workers complete ownership and the flexibility to choose the best method and location for exchanging their earnings.

Blockchain technology for payments

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Our Clients

We tell you how our clients live the BullProject experience because we only exist to generate value for remote workers and modern international companies


Easy to work with. They go the extra mile to help you solve your needs. Highly recommended.



Great outsourcing solution.



Great services and very personalized support. Bull Project helped us to expand our marketing operations in Latin America in just a few days.



A powerful tool to bring affordable, highly skilled talent to a Startup team in its early stages, leaving compliance and payments to an external team.



What the world says about us


Why remote workers choose us

“High salaries in crypto dollars, they're very clear and honest in terms of contracts. “

UX Designer

“Excellent international experience. The team was always very kind and welcoming. Well paid“

PR Executive

“I got job interviews and thanks to them I was able to get a job, Getting paid in cryptocurrencies!“

Software Developer

“Quick remuneration through cryptocurrency, in addition to opening up the opportunity to receive several proposals from...“

Business Developer

“Good salary, possibility of organizing your work times and you can do it wherever you are.“

Content Analyst